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📸 Unparalleled Portfolio: Dive into our distinctive style that captures the emotion of every wedding moment. Our work speaks for itself!

💼 Professional Experience: Over a decade in the wedding photography industry. We’ve captured hundreds of weddings that are unique to us.

💌 Rave Reviews: Our clients believe we’re the best choice! Read their testimonials and be convinced.

💰 Flexible Pricing: We offer a variety of packages to cater to every client’s needs, regardless of budget.

📅 Active Communication: We’re always reachable and ready to answer all your queries. Your wedding is as unique to us as it is to you!

🤝 Friendliness and Professionalism: You’ll feel comfortable and have fun shooting with us.

🔧 High-Quality Equipment: We use only the best gear and have backup equipment for any situation.

🎁 Additional Services: Videography, drone shots, custom photo book designs – all available.

🌍 Local Expertise: Based in Calgary, we know the best shooting locations and are ready to recommend the finest spots.

📜 Clear Terms of Cooperation: Transparent contracts and a quality guarantee on all our services.

Our Photography Team


Olena Nizhnik

My photographs will become a part of your story, memories, and legacy. I am a professional photographer in Toronto. Photography is not just about capturing images; it is the art of capturing emotions, beauty, and the uniqueness of each individual. And that's exactly what I strive to convey in my work. Every shot is created with love, creativity, and attention to detail to make it unforgettable.


Kostiantyn Kraft

My goal as a photographer is to capture the best moments of your celebration and make them unforgettable. The main objective is to make the photo session comfortable and enjoyable for you, so you forget about the camera and fully enjoy the moment. I would be delighted to be your photographer in Toronto. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or desires regarding the photo session. Let's be co-authors of your photographic story!


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Pricing & Package photography prices in Calgary...

  • Customizable Package
  • $ 200+ per/hours
  • The "Fully Customizable Package" offers complete control and flexibility, allowing you to create your dream event by handpicking every aspect to match your preferences and needs. Contact us for a personalized quote and turn your imagination into reality with this package.
  • Basic Bliss Package
  • $ 1500 4 hours
    • – Over 600 Successful Photo
    • – 4 Hours Coverage With 1 Photographer
    • – Personalized Online Gallery
    • – Individual Editing for All Photo
    • – Pre-Event Consultation Session
    • – 8 Weeks Delivery Time for Receiving Images
  • Silver Shutter Package
  • $ 1900 8 hours
    • – Over 1500 Successful Photo
    • – 8 Hours Coverage With 1 Photographer
    • – Personalized Online Gallery
    • – Individual Editing for All Photo
    • – Pre-Event Consultation Session
    • – 8 Weeks Delivery Time for Receiving Images
    • – Complete Privacy If You Need It
  • Golden Glow Package
  • $ 3500 12 hours
    • – Over 2000 Successful Photo
    • – Personalized Online Gallery
    • – Premium Wedding Photo Books
    • – Individual Editing for All Photo
    • – Pre-Event Consultation Session
    • – 8 Weeks Delivery Time for Receiving Images
    • – Complete Privacy If You Need It


  • Silver Elegance Package
  • $ 3000 8 hour
  • - Up to 8 hours of combined photography and videography coverage on your wedding day
    - One professional photographer and one videographer to capture the essence of your day
    - Cinematic highlight reel (5-7 minutes) capturing the key moments of your wedding
    - Over 1000 high-resolution digital photos delivered in an elegant online gallery
    - Edited video footage with music and natural audio
    - Drone footage for breathtaking aerial perspectives
    - Additional hours of coverage available
    - Instagram teaser (30-60 seconds) for sharing online
  • Golden Bliss Package
  • $ 5500 Unlimited
  • - Unlimited hours of combined photography and videography coverage to ensure no moment is missed
    - One professional photographers and videographers for comprehensive coverage
    - Cinematic highlight reel (12-15 minutes) with an artistic storytelling approach
    - Over 1500 high-resolution digital photos delivered in a personalized online gallery
    - Edited video footage with personalized music, voiceovers, and cinematic effects
    - Full-length documentary edit (90-120 minutes) capturing every intricate detail and heartfelt emotion
    - Social media teaser and online gallery for easy sharing
    - Luxury custom-designed keepsake box with a USB drive
    - Love story video shoot to narrate your journey
    - Post-wedding interview with the couple to capture your thoughts and emotions

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    Every wedding is a magnificent tapestry of love, cherished memories, and unforgettable moments. Here at, we dive deep into the essence of these moments, translating them into timeless snapshots with professionalism and creative flair. Our passion? Narrating your unique love story, framing every emotion, and crafting images that whisk you away to your most cherished day.


    Our team is an ensemble of dedicated professionals passionately committed to turning every moment into an artwork. With a rich history in capturing Calgary’s most memorable days, we have a keen eye for details, framing emotions, and portraying the beauty of your exceptional day. Every glance, every tear, every joyous cheer – we’re there, capturing the magic as it unfolds.


    We recognize the uniqueness of each couple and the distinct dreams they harbor for their big day. Hence, we craft tailored packages that resonate with your vision, whether it’s an intimate backyard affair or a grand downtown gala. We aim to encapsulate your story in its purest form, mirroring your individuality and spirit.


    Our photography signature interweaves candid emotions, artful compositions, and Calgary’s natural splendor. By capturing genuine feelings and fleeting moments, we craft visuals that magically transport you back to the day you said, “I do.” Our commitment? To hand over a collection that lets you relive those emotions forever.


    Wedding planning can be a maze. At Kraft Photographer Studio, we ensure your photography experience is straightforward and delightful. From our first meeting to when you hold your images, we’re with you, offering unmatched service, making you feel relaxed, and ensuring every click counts.


    If you’re searching for a Calgary-based photographer who can encapsulate the heart and soul of your big day, your quest ends here. Dive into our mesmerizing portfolio and read stories from our satisfied couples. Reach out today for a personal consultation, and let us start weaving your tale.


    Your wedding is a timeless chapter in your life’s book, deserving of eternal remembrance. Entrust to craft this chapter with unparalleled artistry and zeal. We’re excited and honored to etch your love story in images, creating heirlooms that future generations will adore.


    • Experience authentic moments sans prolonged, unnatural poses.
    • We believe in joy, positivity, and celebrating your love.
    • Over a decade of professionally chronicling weddings and pivotal life events in Calgary.
    • Are you dreaming of distinct shots or feeling clueless? Share some inspirations, and together, we’ll conjure magic!

    FAQ About Wedding Photography in Calgary

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    Why should I choose a Calgary-based wedding photographer?

    Local photographers, like those at Kraft Photographer Studio, are deeply familiar with Calgary's diverse venues, lighting conditions, and iconic spots. This local knowledge ensures that you get the best shots that truly capture the essence of Calgary, adding a unique touch to your wedding album.

    How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer in Calgary?

    It's recommended to book your photographer at least 6-12 months in advance, especially during peak wedding seasons. This ensures that you secure your preferred date and gives ample time for pre-wedding consultations and shoots.

    How many photos will I receive from my wedding day?

    The number of photos varies depending on the package you select and the duration of the event. Typically, a full-day wedding might yield anywhere from 500 to 1,000 edited images. However, our primary focus is on quality and capturing all the crucial moments.

    Can we do engagement photos in Calgary's iconic locations?

    Absolutely! Calgary boasts several picturesque locations perfect for engagement shoots. Whether you're looking at the stunning urban backdrops or the serene natural settings around the city, we’re excited to capture your pre-wedding moments there.

    What if there's unpredictable weather on my wedding day?

    Calgary's weather can indeed be unpredictable. Our photographers are trained to work in various conditions, ensuring that come rain or shine, your wedding photos will still look magical. Additionally, we always have backup plans and indoor alternatives in case of severe weather.

    Do you offer wedding albums or just digital photos?

    At Kraft Photographer Studio, we offer both. While digital photos are popular, there’s something timeless about a physical wedding album. We provide a variety of album styles to choose from, ensuring your memories are preserved in a way that resonates with you.

    Are there any hidden fees or charges?

    Our packages are transparent with no hidden fees. Everything from the shoot duration, number of images, editing, and any extras will be outlined in your agreement. We believe in honest pricing without any surprises.

    Can I provide a list of specific shots I want?

    Absolutely! We encourage couples to share any specific ideas or must-have shots. It helps us understand your vision better and ensures that we capture the moments most dear to you.

    How long will it take to receive my wedding photos?

    Typically, a sneak peek is provided within a week, while the complete set of edited photos might take between 6-8 weeks. We focus on delivering quality, ensuring each image is edited to perfection.

    Are travel fees included for venues outside of Calgary?

    For venues within a certain radius of Calgary, there are no travel fees. However, for locations further out, there might be additional charges. All such details will be discussed upfront during the consultation.


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